About Jasmine

Jasmine King is a Malaysian Sex Positive Advocate, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and founder of Jasexplains.

An alumnus of Monash University Malaysia, Jasmine has always had a huge interest in the performing arts having co-founded the Green Leaf Theatre House in 2009 – a theatre organization for youths, by youths – in her hometown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where she wrote, direct, produced and/or acted in many of its productions.

Her theatre background allowed her to incorporate storytelling and performance in her talks and workshops. This, paired with her NLP certification and passion in sexual empowerment advocacy makes her talks engaging

SplashKK Arts Festival 2015 organized by Green Leaf Theatre House

She has always been passionate about sexual education ever since she was young. At 14, as part of her project for UNICEF and Department of Social Welfare Malaysia, she organized a workshop involving schools within her district where they talk about STIs, consent and boundaries and more.

Today, her passion of sexual empowerment and education, as well as bringing Asian stories and voices to the forefront continues. Jasmine curates Jasexplains (pronounced Jas-Explains), a safe and empowering sex positive space for individuals to unlearn everything we’ve been taught about our bodies, pleasure and intimacy.

Jasmine organizes Sex Positive Mingling; a sex positive mingle event.

Through the platform, Jasmine creates educational content on her social media, and hosts social mingles, workshops and talks that provides inclusive, safe spaces for respectful, educational and empowering conversations to take place.

Jasmine with her podcast guest, Sya, from Ep. 13.

In her quest to sharing more Asian stories and voices, Jasmine produces and hosts her own podcast called, ‘I Wish Someone Told Me‘ where she invites guests from Malaysia and throughout the region to share raw and honest stories about their personal journey of sexual empowerment and enlightenment. She also features prominent figures within the sexual health, advocacy and education space on her show to highlight the work that they do and the communities they’ve impacted.

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