About Jasmine

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’m passionate about creating safe and sexually empowering spaces for Southeast Asians, especially Malaysians.

As a Malaysian woman in my early 30’s, I’ve always felt that there is a lack of conversation on sexual awareness and empowerment in the region. Fortunately, there are more sex positive contents out there for us to enjoy, but it’s still not enough. We need more voices from this region telling our own personal experiences.

Thus, Jasexplains was created!

Jasexplains is a safe, non-judgemental, sex positive and education-based platform and space created especially with the aim to create a community where we could educate and empower each other on their bodies, sexuality, pleasure, and rights whilst dispelling myths and confronting taboos and stigmas to encourage individuals to make informed choices about their bodies.

Simply put, this is the space I wished I had when I was growing up; created by someone who looks like me and lives in the part of the world as me.

Jasexplains started as an Instagram page. Now, we have expanded to creating our own podcast where we share sexually-empowering stories from the perspective of Southeast Asians to organizing virtual and in-person community events and safe spaces.

Welcome, friends. I’m so happy you’ve found your way here and most excited to have you on this ride with us!

x Jasmine