FAQ: Sex Positive Mingling

Here are some frequently asked questions on the mingle.

What is Sex Positive Mingling?

Sex Positive Mingling is a monthly social mingle event that offers a safe space for respectful and empowering conversations around sexual empowerment and sex positivity to take place. It’s also a space to mingle and get to know new people!

You can read more about the mingle here.

What is “sex positivity”?

Sex positivity believes that sex and pleasure are inherently normal and healthy; that people should have space to embody, explore and learn about their sexuality and gender without judgement or shame.

Sex positivity prioritizes consent, communication, and education that allows people to make informed choices about their bodies, and pleasure. [source]

Who is the mingle for?

  • It’s for those who want to meet non-judgemental, sex positive people to share stories with or learn from.
  • It’s for those who wants to make new friends (because we know it’s hard to make friends as adults!).
  • It’s for those who are interested in getting into kink and want to meet others who are too.
  • It’s for those who just want a reason to get out and mingle.

What can we expect from the mingle?

You can expect meeting a diverse group of people from various different backgrounds and (sexual) experiences. There will be big group discussions and small intimate ones that covers around the themes of sexual empowerment, sex positivity, gender and sexuality, kinks and fetishes, relationship and intimacy.

The mingle act as a safe space for these powerful discussions to take place. Thus, careful selection of moderators are chosen to facilitate these discussions. Our moderators are from the Jasexplains community itself and they are truly a passionate bunch who feels strongly about creating more respectful, inclusive and sex positive spaces in Malaysia.

After the discussions, we have a free mingle session where everyone get to grab a drink and just talk to whoever they find interesting and would like to connect with more.

Can everyone join the mingle?

Yes and no. While the mingle is inclusive and opened to everyone, strict vetting is applied to ensure the right people get to be part of the community and everyone’s safety and privacy is protected. Hence why venues are kept private and only revealed to those who are vetted and accepted to join.

We aim to create an empowering, respectful, inclusive and sex positive community, so having likeminded people to join us is important.

I don’t have any sexual experience, can I still join?

Of course! The mingle is opened to people of all sexual journeys, values and ages (18+). We respect everyone’s choice with how they want to exercise sexual freedom and expression, and welcome everyone.

How often does the mingle happen?

This is a monthly event which happens every 2nd Friday of the month, 9PM onwards. We are currently taking a short hiatus and will return in June 2023.

Where is the mingle held?

The mingle is usually held in venues around or in Kuala Lumpur city itself. Venues are changed monthly and will only be revealed to those who were successfully vetted.

Is there a fee to join the mingle?

Yes, there is. A minimal fee is charged for all our mingles.

Is this a sex party? Is there nudity?

No, this is not a sex or play party and there is strictly no nudity allowed.

Is there anything we should prepare for the mingle?

Nope. Just come with an open mind and excitement to meet new people :)

Is the mingle introvert-friendly?

Small talks can be scary but in Sex Positive Mingling, we got you covered! We’ve prepared a list of conversations prompts for everyone on each table so you can start talking and get comfortable with each other.

Secondly, while the group may be big and intimidating (maximum 30 pax for each mingle), during the event itself, you will all be broken down in smaller groups of 6 or less to encourage a more intimate conversation. Each group will have a good mix of new participants such as yourself as well as seasoned minglers.

Is there a dress code for the mingle?

Dress code is dependant on the venue we hold the mingle in. To be safe, we suggest no shorts or open-toed shoes/sandals.

How will we know if we are accepted to join the mingle?

You will receive an email within 3 days after you’ve registered. If you did not receive an email, unfortunately, your application was not successful. We will only send email confirmation to who who have successfully passed the vetting.

Where can we sign up to join?

You can sign up here. Do note that the form serve as an interest form only.

Got any more questions? Contact us.

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